Home Health Care with Kindness

Transforming one’s thoughts about home health care is our first goal as a business. Classic Home Healthcare wants to give our patients more than just qualified medical professionals who show up at their door. We believe that you, as our client, deserve qualified medical professionals who show up on time, behave as guests in your home, and work with just as much heart as they do expertise: because kindness matters.

Allowing Classic Home Healthcare to bring some TLC into your home will allow for superior home care experience. Whether you need adult, or pediatric care, we have a professional team here for you.

Home Health Assistance

We staff the following professionals for in-home service:

  • Home health aids
  • Nurses: including RNs and LPNs
  • Therapists: including physical, speech, and occupational
  • Medical social workers

 At Classic Home Healthcare, medical professionals need more than the proper title and a bit of experience to become a part of our team. We require a sincere dedication to treating every patient with respect and dignity. Our professionals see the unique qualities of every patient and every family. It is their goal to deliver the expected care with an often-unexpected touch of kindness.

Unique Home Health Care Plans for Unique Patients

Your loved one may have a diagnosis that is the same as many other people, but they are unique. Their doctors may give a standard regime of care that is shared by many other patients, but they still have their own exceptional needs, desires, and hopes for their own medical treatment and supervision.

 It is our policy to thoroughly interview your doctors, specialists and family members before our care begins. This allows us to see the unique side of each patient and create a care plan that is individualized. Our in-home healthcare professionals then follow this care plan in a trustworthy, predictable manner.

Senior Home Care
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